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Comments shown on this page are part of the comments in the guest book entries by visitors of the Pag lace Gallery in town of Pag.

"The most beautiful thing you can see in the Croatian heritage. Congratulations"

"Artwork, anonymous artist... Indicates how much patience and effort are needed to create this artwork. Pag lacemakers, Thank you for the joy of living and creating."

"There are many things that human hand can make, but so much beauty, imagination and patience as the Pag lace is rarely seen."

"Thank you for showing us treasures of our ancestors."

"Lace of mine, I admire you from the heart..."

"Every needle stitch, is an expression of incomprehensible, each lace, is a pray to the Almighty, to the honor and memory of our lacemakers, to the joy and pride to us people of Pag."

Don Dario Tičić

"Beautiful, unique, unrepeatable. I am proud to be a woman from Pag."

"Dear artists, you cultivate the knowledge that you have inherited from yours ancestors, because it is the wealth of a country."

"Wonderful! It is amazing how much effort needs to create this masterpiece."

"How much effort and patience is put into these laces so we could enjoy them."

"Sincere congratulations for your gallery and its values. Your souvenirs are lovely. We support your future work to preserve your and our heritage and traditions. We wish you every success in your future work."

"It is needed ... 500 000 needle stitch ... More than 500 hours of demanding work ... Years of experience and patience ... Boundless imagination ... In order to create ... Beauty ... Pag lace" Pag lacemaker"

Paška čipkarica

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